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This work should be on the desk of every lawyer and Human Resources person who advises on employment issues, and will be invaluable to business people who deal with employment contracts. 

A completely rewritten book, which covers amongst many other matters:
    • all the cases on employment status
    • the GIG economy
    • the GDPR and its consequences
    • Social media and the cases
    • the recent cases on restrictive covenants
    • the new tests in whistleblowing
    • overview of discrimination law from recruitment to termination
    • harassment and bullying
    • all the new family friendly policies, including maternity and paternity
    • cases on bonus
    • the continuing saga with regard to holiday pay,  including sickness issues
    • a rewrite of all the precedents  
The new 4th  edition of Duggan QC on Contracts of Employment is a two volume set which covers all aspects of the employment relationship with precedents for every facet of employment. For not much more than the cost of a billable hour, the practitioner is given access to 1428  pages of practical commentary in volume 1, as well as over 250 precedents, in hard copy in volume 2 and in  digital content (which will be emailed), as well as a regular updater for the commentary and precedents.
Human Resource Practitioners will find the guidance in the first volume invaluable and a useful reference tool on legal process, whilst the precedents in the second volume will be of  everyday use to the busy practitioner. The updates will ensure that legal developments are assimilated into practice and the precedents are kept up to date and relevant. 

Preface: A Brexit Snapshot- what will happen to employment law after Brexit?


Chapter 1: Introduction:

                   -employment status, workers,

                   -express and implied terms,

                   -the exercise of discretion after Braganza; 

                   -and an employment health checklist.


Chapter 2:  The Use of Data, including the GDPR, subject access and other individual rights, checklists and guidance.


Chapter 3:  Recruitment procedures and practices.


Chapter 4:  Right to Statement of Employment Particulars


Chapter 5: A-Z of Different Types of Employment

5.1     Agency workers including the AWR 2010.

5.2     Betting workers

5.3     Casual, occasional and temporary staff including the GIG economy.

5.4     Consultants

5.5     Factory staff and shift workers

5.6     Fixed term contracts

5.7     Homeworkers/Teleworkers

5.8     Managerial staff

5.9     Office staff and the financial sector

5.10   Overseas employment

5.11   Part time working

5.12   Residential staff

5.13   Salesman

5.14   Shopworkers

Chapter 6: The Manual A-Z

A     Introduction to the Manual and the Company

B     Job Title and Description/Offers of Employment

C     Scope of Duties and Responsibilities

D     Hours of Work

E      Basic Salary

F      Remuneration and Benefits other than Salary including bonuses.

G     Place of Work and Mobility

H     Preconditions of Employment or Continued Employment including the right to work.

I      Absences from Work due to Holiday

J      Absences from Work due to Sickness and the Provision of Sick Pay

K     Parents: the full raft of rights on pregnancy and maternity and  flexible working.

L     Absence for Other Reasons

M   Conduct and Standard of Behaviour at Work including social media, clothing and appearance; case law and guidance.

N    Staff Development and Appraisal

O    Employee Representation

P     Public Interest Disclosure

Q    Restrictions during and after Employment

R     Disciplinary Procedures

S     Grievance Procedures

T     Equal Opportunities covering all the protected characteristics as well as bullying and harassment; procedures, law and guidance.

U     Health and Safety

V     Termination including garden leave.

W    Stress

 Chapter 7:    Directors



 Comment on the Precedents

Chapter 1: Introduction


1.1.        Where it is intended to show that the Individual is not an Employee

1.2.         Terms for an Employee who is a Shareholder

 Chapter 2: The Use of Data


2.1          Policy Relating to the Selection and Retention of Employees and  Use

               of Employment  Records in the Workplace

2.2          Privacy Notice

2.3.         Policy relating to the Monitoring of Data in the Workplace

2.4          CCTV Small User Checklist

2.5          Monitoring Checklist

2.6          E-Mail Policy

2.7          Computers and Data Protection

2.8          Clauses in the contract of employment relating to the use of Data

2.9          Bring Your Own Device Policy

2.10        Retention and Erasure of Data Policy


2.L1       Short Form request for Personal Data

2.L2       More Detailed Request for Personal Data

2.L3       Initial Response to request for Personal Data

2.L4       More detailed response to request for Personal Data.

2.L5       Letter request for rectification

2.L6.      Response to request for rectification

2.L7       Letter seeking Erasure

2.L8       Response to Erasure request

2.L9       Letter objecting to processing

2.L10     Response to letter objecting to processing  


Chapter 3: Recruitment 


3.1       Precedent Offer of Employment to Potential Individual

3.2       Chart - Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

3.3       Recruitment Policy for those involved in the Recruitment Process

3.4       Data Policy for those involved in the Recruitment Process

3.5       Monitoring Forms for Equal Opportunities

3.6       ACAS Induction Chart Recruitment and Job Offers

3.7       Precedent – no show clause Letters

3.L1     Letter Authorisation for Reference Checks Letter

3.L2     Letter Request for a Reference Letter

3.L3     Letter Response to Request for Reference Letter

3.L4      Letter Withdrawal of Offer Letter   


Chapter 4: Right to Statement of Employment Particulars

4.1       Statement of Initial Employment Particulars 


Chapter 5: A-Z of Different Types of Employment


5.1        Agency Workers 


5.1.       Agreement between Agency and Agency Worker

5.2.       Agreement between Agency and Hirer


5.L1      Letter from Company to Employment Agency Regarding Supply of Temp

5.L2      Letter to notify Opt-Out  


5.2 Betting Workers


5.2.1     Notice under Section 42(5) of the ERA 1996 Statutory Rights in relation to Sunday Betting Work

5.2.2     Statement of Initial Employment Particulars Variations for Betting Workers

5.2.3     Full Written Particulars for Betting Worker  


 5.3 Casual Workers 


5.3.1     Contract for Casual Workers on the basis that they are not Employees

5.3.2     Statement of Initial Employment Particulars/Contract for Casual Staff on the Basis that they  are Employees

5.3.3     Annualised Hours Contracts: Suggested Additional Clauses for Consideration

5.3.4     Annualised Hours Contracts: Full written particulars

5.3.5     Nil Hours Contract: Suggested Additional Clauses for Consideration

5.3.6     A Nil Hours Contract, Full Written Particulars

5.3.7     Suggested Clause for a Seasonal Worker 


5.4 Consultants 


5.4.1     Consultancy Agreement with Individual

5.4.2     Consultancy Agreement via a Service Company 


Factory and Shiftworkers 

5.5.1     Statement of Initial Employment Particulars for Factory and Shiftworkers  


5.6 Fixed Term Workers 


5.6.1     Modifications to Section 1 Statement to make it clear there is a Fixed Term Contract

5.6.2      Precedent Workforce Agreement


5.6.L1    Offer of Fixed Term Employment

5.6.L2    Offer to extend fixed term contract on same/ different terms

5.6.L3    Paragraphs in letter: covering for Absent Employee on Maternity Leave 


5.7 Homeworkers


5.7.1     Draft Application to Carry Out Home/Teleworking

5.7.2     Homeworkers Terms and Particulars


L5.7.3    Teleworking Letter of Appointment where Employee changes to working from home. 


5.7.4      Teleworking Policy

5.7.5      Alternative Teleworking Policy with Statement of Objectives 


5.8 Managers

5.8.1     Contract for manager where there is no company group

5.8.2     Contract for manger where there is a company group Office Staff  


5.9 Office staff 

5.10      Overseas Employment 

5.10      Statement of Initial Employment Particulars for Overseas Employment 


5.11 Part Time Work 


5.11.1    Draft Clauses for Part-Time Hours of Work

5.11.2    Policy Statement & Procedure for Part-Time Work


 L5.11.1   Draft letter explaining why rate of pay for part-time work is less  than for a full-time  worker

L5.11.2    Letter agreeing a trial period for part-time work

L5.11.3    Letter refusing a request to move to part-time work  


5.12  Residential Staff

5.12     Clauses Applicable to Residential Staff 


5.13 Salesman 

5.13     Service Agreement


5.14     Shopworkers 

5.14     Shopworker agreement  


Section 3: The Manual  A-Z 


  1. Comment on the Model Precedents for the Manual 


  1. Introduction to the Company and the Manual

A1      Introduction

A2      Introduction Short Form 


  1. Job Title and Description

B1      Terms of Engagement

B2      Job Title and Description Short Form 


  1. Scope of Duties and Responsibilities

C1      Scope of Duties 


  1. Hours of Work

D1.1     Normal Hours of Work              

D1.2     Normal Hours of Work             

D2.1     Overtime              

D2.2     Overtime              

D2.3     Overtime              

D2.4     Overtime              

 D3        Flexitime

D4       Time Keeping              

D5        Shiftworkers              

D6.1     Shiftwork             

D6.2     Clocking in Procedures              

D6.3     Factory Closure Times

D6.4     Lay Off              

D7.1     Hours of work              

D7.2     Sunday working              

D8.1     Exclusion of 48 Hour Week under the Working Time Regulations 1998              

D8.2     Existence of a Workforce Agreement              

D8.3     A Precedent Workforce Agreement Charts


Chart D1    At a Glance Guide to the Working Time Regulations 1998

Chart D2    Particular Occupations 


  1. Basic Salary

E1     Salaries

E2     Salaries

E3     Collective Agreements for Salaries

E4     Salary Reviews

E5     Salary Reviews 


  1. Remuneration and Benefits 

F1.1    Overtime

F1.2    Overtime

F2.1    Bonus

F2.2    Bonus

F2.3    Bonus

F3       Commission

F4.1    Deductions from Salary

F4.2    Deductions from Pay in Retail Employment

F5.1    Employer Contributions to Personal Pension Scheme

F5.2    Group Personal Pension Scheme

F6.1    Private Medical Health Insurance

F7.1    Approved Employer Share Schemes

F8.1    Educational Loans

F8.2    Season Ticket Loans

F9.1    Car/Car Allowance

F9.2    Provision of a Vehicle

F10     Luncheon Vouchers

F11     Permanent Health Insurance 


  1. Place of Work and Mobility

G1.1    UK

G1.2    Head office

G1.3    Worldwide

G1.4    Miles

G2       Relocation Policy

G3       Application Form 


  1. Preconditions of employment or continued employment

H1       References

H2       Probationary period and confirmation of Employment

H3       Car driving licence

H4       Qualifications

H5       The right to work

H6       List under the Immigration (Restrictions on Employment) Order 2007

H7       Home Office – Right to Work Checklist


  1. Absences from work due to  Holiday 

I1       Annual holidays

I2       Public holidays

I3       Shutdown periods in relation to factory workers

I4       Form setting out request for holiday leave

I5        Rolled up holiday pay agreement 


  1. Absences due to Sickness and the Provision of Sick Pay

J.L1    Letter expressing concern about persistent absence and giving informal warning

J.L2    First written warning

J.L3    Final written warning

J.L4    Letter of dismissal Precedents 

J1       Sickness or Injury Absence Policy

J2       Sick Pay

J3       Sickness and Unauthorised Absence

J4       Long Term and Persistent Sickness (Short Form)

J5       Return to Work

J6       Medical Suspension

J7       Non Payment whilst Absent due to Sickness

J8       Contractual Payment whilst Absent due to Sickness

J9       Contractual Payment whilst Absent due to Sickness dependent upon Length of Service

J10     Statutory Sick Pay

J11     Claims in Relation to Accidents outside Work

J12     Permanent Health Disability Insurance

J13     Medical Examination Procedures with Model Forms

J14     Sickness Absence due to Disability 


  1. Family Friendly Policies 

K1       Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Paternity Leave and Shared Parental Leave Policy

K2.L1  Letter One – Notification of Maternity Leave and ACAS SPL documents

K3.L2  Letter Two - acknowledge notification of maternity leave

K4.L3  Letter Three – Commencement of maternity leave

K5      Form requesting leave for Adoption

K6.L4  Letter Four- acknowledgement of  notification of adoption leave

K7.L5  Letter Five –  response to paternity leave request Flexible working

K8      Flexible Working PolicyK9      Application form to request flexible working

K10    Notification that request has been granted

K11    Notification that request has been refused

K12    Flexible Working Appeal Form

K13    Response to Appeal

lK14   Flexible Working – Employer Asking for More Time

K15    Flexible Working – Notice of Withdrawal  


  1. Absences for Some Other Reason

L1      Dependants

L2      Jury Service

L3      Marriage

L4      Public Duties

L5      Religious Holidays

L6      Other Absences

L7      Letter confirming an agreed period of unpaid absence

L8      Sabbatical leave policy

L9      Other Special Leave Arrangements 


  1. Conduct and Standard of Behaviour at Work

M1     Standard of work

M2     Bribery

M3     Alcohol and drugs

M4     Clothing and appearance

M5     Computers and data protection

M6     E-mail policy

M7     Mobile telephones

M8     Entertaining Clients/Office Social Functions

M9     Non smoking policy

M10   Social Media

M11   Personal telephone calls from work

M12   Personal relationships                   

M13   Anti-Slavery Policy and Statement


  1. Staff Development and Appraisal

N1     Provision of Staff Development and Training

N2     Example of Appraisal Scheme – Manual Workers 


  1. Employee Representation

O1     Trade union representation

O2     Staff Association representation

O3     Negotiated Agreement under the ICE Regulations 


  1. Public Interest Disclosure 

P1     Public Interest Disclosure Policy

P2     Public Concern at Work, Now Protect-  Checklist for Small Employers who do not  wish to set up a Full Whistleblowing Policy

P3     Schedule to the Prescribed Persons Order 2014 


  1. Restrictions During and after Employment

Q1     Employment that conflicts with your duties

Q2     Confidential Information

Q3     Intellectual Property

Q4     Intellectual Property Agreement

Q5     Model restrictive covenants 


  1. Dismissal and Disciplinary Procedures and Grievance Procedures 


R1     Short Form Disciplinary Procedure

R2     Alternative Disciplinary Procedure

R3     ACAS Sample Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures from Appendix 2 of ACAS Guide: (any  organisation)

R4     ACAS Sample Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures from Appendix 2: Sample disciplinary procedure (small organisation)

R5     ACAS Sample Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures from Appendix 2: Sample grievance procedure (small organisation)

R6     Schedule A2 to TULR(C)A 1992: Cases to which the 25% Adjustment in the Code of Practice  Adjustment may Apply

R7     Schedule 5, Employment Act 2002 – Cases to which Section 38 (Failure to Give  Statement of  Employment Particulars) Applies

R8     Taking a dispute to the Employment Tribunal: Guidance Letters: Example Disciplinary and Grievance letters 

R.L1   To be set by the employer, setting out the reasons for the proposed  disciplinary action or  dismissal and arranging the hearing (DTI)

R.L2   To be sent by the employer after the hearing (DTI)

R.L3   Notice of appeal hearing (DTI)

R.L4   Notice of result of appeal hearing (DTI)

R.L5   Notice of disciplinary meeting (ACAS)

R.L6   Notice of written warning or final written warning (ACAS)

R.L7   Notice of appeal meeting against warning (ACAS)

R.L8   Notice of result of appeal against warning (ACAS)

R.L9   Letter to be sent by the employer to arrange a meeting where dismissal or   action short of  dismissal* is being considered (ACAS)

R.L10   Letter to be sent by the employer after the disciplinary meeting arranged in  Letter 5 (ACAS)

R.L11   Notice of appeal meeting against dismissal/disciplinary action* (ACAS)

R.L12   Notice of result of appeal against dismissal/disciplinary action*

R.L13   Raising a grievance

RL14    Request for appeal hearing (grievance procedures)

RL15    Request for appeal hearing (dismissal or disciplinary action procedures   


  1. Grievance Procedures

S1        Grievance Procedure

S2        Grievance Procedure Form intended to comply with Standard Statutory


 Equal Opportunities Precedents

T1        Equal Opportunities Policy (Short Form and More Detailed Form)

T2        Company Policy against Bullying and Harassment

T3        Equal Pay Policy Statemen

T4         Disability Policy (Short Form and More Detailed Form)

T5         Retirement Policy where fixed retirement age and no fixed retirement age.

T6         Age checklists  


  1. Health and Safety

U1      Policy statement

U2      Fire policy

U3      Employer’s Obligations for Welfare Facilities 


  1. Termination

V1      Termination of employment and notice

V2      Payment in lieu

V3      Accrued holiday pay

V4      Sick pay during the notice period

V5      Garden leave

V6      Summary termination

V7      Retirement 


  1. Stress Policies

W1     A Model Stress Policy

W2     Checklist for managers 


Chapter 7. Directors 

7.1      Director’s Service Agreement

7.2      Non Executive Director, Letter of Appointment