About Duggan Press

Duggan Press has been set up to provide high quality specialist legal and human resource textbooks to the practising lawyer or HR professional. The five core books will cover all the main areas of employment law and will provide a uniquely practical product in that the books explain the law in an easily digestible manner for the busy professional. As well as setting out the substantive law, each book contains practical advice, procedures and precedents which will save the practitioner much time and effort.
Each book will be supplemented by access to digital information which will contain the relevant precedents and other guidance so that the practitioner will merely have to copy and paste the relevant document and add in those bespoke parts that are required. The books will be published in a two yearly cycle, so that a book will come into print every six months, dependant upon case law developments etc.
The website will continue to contain regular briefings and bulletins which, in due course, will be cross referenced with the books as they come into print.
Employment Law Publications is also keen to hear from other potential authors with any proposals that they may have. It is intended to reward authors with a royalty percentage that is above those offered by other publishers and to grow the book portfolio in a controlled and methodical manner.