Over the years Michael has developed  a case updater which refers to the cases, both reported and unreported, on an A-Z basis, making it easy to see what cases have been decided in a particular field - ie. age discrimination - and where the cases have been reported. This is probably the most comprehensive case update in existence.
Please feel free to share this. Please note that all cases are hyperlinked where there is a judgment on the web.  
Cases in the  Index are hyperlinked to the full judgment.
The hyperlinks should work if you hover on or below  the case name with your mouse.  If you want a word version of the updater  email info@dugganpress.com.
This index is intended to cover employment law and does not include the ICR personal injury, health and safety, pension, police or immigration cases, but every case in IDS, ICR or IRLR is otherwise covered as well as many unreported cases that do not appear elsewhere. 
 The Case Updater for 2018 contains the cases from the IRLR, ICR and IDS all cross referenced to
 Duggan QC on Contracts of Employment.
Click on this Link to view update: UPDATER FOR 2018 
The Bulletin also contains a news section and see the Contracts of Employment section for the
latest tax guidance on payments in lieu.

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